Who We Are

Little Trenders is an onsite early childhood education center that provides a fun and dynamic environment for children of ImageTrend employees.

Our Philosophy of Education

Our philosophy is based on Reggio Emilia Philosophy that embraces children as active learners and provides them with a safe, loving environment in which they can learn through play and exploration of the world around them.

Children are born active protagonists in their growth, development and education. They are born as researchers and are capable of experimenting and learning from their surroundings from birth.

Children have the right to quality education services with no forced schedule of knowledge.

Children have the right to learn not only as a direct interaction with a teacher or in a planned setting, but also to learn from their own individual perspective and through collaborative work with their peers.

Children have the right to find original ways of creating, communicating and putting together their knowledge.

The Role of the Teacher

The teacher’s role is to reinforce and activate the children’s curiosities and to work beside them as a co-learner.

The teacher will encourage good behavior by modeling respect, kindness, empathy and good manners.

The Role of the Parents

Parents and family members are viewed as a vital aspect of the school.

The parent is the child’s first teacher and their opinion and knowledge of their child is highly respected.

Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children.

The Role of the Environment

We strive for an environment that is rich in materials, dynamic, exciting and aesthetically beautiful and relaxing to the eye.

An environment in which the child is viewed as powerful and competent.

An environment in which time is relaxed and geared to the rhythm of children.